In this article, the tools and resources that I use to build websites for my clients are listed below. First and foremost there are some basic skills that a web developer should have. The said skills are HTML and CSS. I have found W3schools and codeacademy to be of great help in the mastery of the scripting languages. This will ease your understanding of how the softwares that auto-generate the code work in the background to make this possible.

The first and my favourite without a doubt is wordpress. A content management system that allows you to adopt already created themes and edit out as per your liking. It also comes with a variety of plug ins. WordPress is user friendly and in a matter of a few days you will have mastered the basics of web design with wordpress.


This website serves to keep track of all the projects that I will engage in a computer science enthusists. All of the projects that I as a web designer or App developer or a database creation will fall under the category of CreativeDesignsByCollins.

What to expect?

Free Templates you can download and use on your own projects if you are a web designer like me.

Links to my GitHub source code that I used to build an application.

Tutorials on how to solve a certain technical problem that you may be facing, like installation of softwares and conventional hardware maintenance practices.

Ready built products that aid you in your normal day to day activities like a website where you can watch a movie.

And more. So make sure you stay in touch.